Soon Hon Cheong

My lab is interested in improving reproductive health in animals and humans through translational research using a comparative approach.

Dr. Paula Cohen

All things germ cells: germ cell development, gene regulation and meiosis.

Dr. Roy Cohen

Lipid regulation of calcium signaling in sperm function and fertilization.

Pierre Comizzoli

I specialize in fertility preservation and germplasm cryo-banking for wild animal species, using model species that also are relevant to human reproductive medicine.

Portrait photograph of Dr. Cosgrove smiling

The Cosgrove laboratory studies development, aging and cancer in female productive tissues through single-cell and spatial transcriptomic dissection of mouse model systems.

Photo of Dr. Charles Danko smiling at the camera

Danko studies how gene expression patterns are encoded in DNA sequences, and how these patterns ultimately contribute to cell and organism level phenotypes, like infertility.

A portrait headshot of Dr. Arunika Das

We use cell biology and genetic techniques to investigate germline chromatin biology, epigenetic inheritance, and reproductive aging. We focus on mechanisms of protein stability during reproductive aging, embryonic epigenetic plasticity, and evolutionary adaptations of conserved germline functions

Erin Daugherity

I am interested in providing clinical veterinary, technical and research support, and expertise in animal modeling to the Cornell Reproductive Sciences Center (CoRe).

de Mestre Lab

Dr. de Mestre’s laboratory focuses on understanding the normal processes required to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery of a neonate programmed for lifelong health as well as identifying the pathologies that compromise pregnancy including those that are lethal.

portrait photograph of Dr. de Vlaminck

Our mission is to improve human health through the development of precision medicine technologies to study and diagnose infectious, immune and microbiome-associated disease. Together with Dr. Ren, we have developed a high resolution spatial transcriptomic atlas of the ovulating mouse ovary.